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One Window at a Time"



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These are just some examples of our security laminates in action in the real world. All these business were NOT broken into due to the fact they had our products protecting their windows. Due to our client confidentiality policy we cannot divulge were these incidences occurred, but we can tell you that our clients were extremely thankful they used our products to protect their stores and immediately had their glass replaced with our products once again applied

Two assailants armed with a crow-bar stabbed at the glass door and side window pane numerous times with the edge of the crow-bar and still did not gain entry.  This place of business did not become another crime statistic. Thanks to our security laminates.


A pool supply business with glass protected by our Laminate clearly shows that the door is still in tact after a blow with a rock and repeated attempts at kicking in the glass.



Demonstration on a Truck window hit over 40 times with a Louisville Slugger could not penetrate our products.


Would be thieves attempted to break into this business with no success thanks to our laminates.


This store in has had three burglary attempts. 

All were foiled by our security laminate products.


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