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About KEI Security Laminates


KEI (pronounced “KEY”) is the key solution for your windows, doors and overall glass protection against a variety of threat risks. With over 50 years of combined engineering, executive management, sales, marketing experience and industry know how, we supply a unique propriety blend of the highest grade safety films and security laminates for existing window applications, such as new construction, government buildings, military, hospitals, schools, businesses, homes, and vehicles. We provide a proven and cost effective means to protect your most important possessions, family, friends, employees and property.


We have made it our Corporate Mission to continually research and develop industry leading and innovative window protection solutions. Our line of safety and security laminates are all third parties tested and proven to provide a highly effective protective barrier between what is most important to you and the world outside.

Current construction trends are more and more often utilizing glass in architectural design. Unfortunately glass has a major weakness, it breaks! When glass breaks, especially large panes of glass, it can break into long daggers or small bullet-like projectiles. With any forceful impact, these shards can fly almost anywhere risking injury to those in the immediate area.


Protection you can't see, safety and security you can trust! KEI Security Laminates is the "clear" alternative for superior security for your existing windows without the need for unsightly metal bars or steel shutters. KEI products reduce the injuries that can be caused by broken or flying glass. Once our security film is applied to the inside of your windows, it will become a virtual invisible shield preventing glass from shattering against attempts of vandalism, break-ins, violent weather, bullets from small arms fires and even will resist explosions of up to a 2500lb bomb. Our products have been UL and GSA approved for the very highest levels of glass security in the world today.


KEI has a network of distributors in Canada, the United States and countries throughout the world. Our professionally trained Distributors are certified experts that provide the industry’s best solutions for protecting your existing or new windows. KEI Distributors can help professionally assess your safety and security requirements in order to protect you, your family, employees, and or place of business.


KEI is very active throughout the world with distributors in more than 15 countries. We will bring you news from our Corporate Office as well news from our distributors worldwide. Whether it's conducting a demonstration of our products, participating in a major trade show, or introducing a new product, we will keep you informed.


Imagine the peace of mind you would have knowing your family, home, office, business and valuables were protected.


Contact us today for more product information or to locate a KEI Security Laminates Distributor in your area.


Toll Free: North America 1-888-596-5676 or 1-613-596-5676

Email: info@KEISecurityLaminates.com

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